Turbo Champ

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Fast-paced action

Play online with up to 8 players, or locally with 1-4 players!

You can even mix-and-match local and online play, if you're looking to play with a partner and your online friends!

Exciting Game Modes

Race against friends in Speed Mode, compete for a shiny gem in Diamond Bois, or witness the questionable Bad Taxi game mode!

That's just a few of the games available. Each game also comes with a team mode, which is perfect for tournaments with your pals!

Explore new worlds

Zoom through the urban Downtown, the snowy Mountain, or lush Forest zones.

Each zone has its own distinct style and unique features to keep things interesting!

Ready to play?

Turbo Champs is scheduled to release in November 2023, but you can play the free demo on Itch today!

If you're excited for the full game, please share it with your friends or add it to your wishlist on Steam!

Wishlist on Steam